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Ski-Lifts and Skipodium cooperating to offer a great all round ski experience

Hi Alex – how are you today?

Doing great, thanks! Excited about season opening!

What’s your role at Ski-Lifts?

I am responsible for Business Development and partnerships at Ski-Lifts.

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Ski-Lits is now cooperating with Skipodium to offer a better all-round ski experience.

Can you give us a brief background on Ski-Lifts?

Sure! Ski-Lifts was set up in 2003 in Morzine, Haute Savoie, French Alpes. The purpose was simple, to establish a connection from Geneva Airport to Morzine for skiers. Ski-Lifts has grown greatly since 2003 and is now transporting over 60,000 passengers around the Alps each winter.

What differentiate Ski-Lifts from the competition?

Our service standards are a priority for us, many of have done countless seasons and understand the importance and coordination of transfer services. We offer a great deal of support to our customers including 24/7 phone support, 365 days per year operations and an extensive coverage of the European Alps and North America with a range of transfer solutions to suit all budgets.

Why should skiers book with you?

We work with many of the industry leaders, such as tour operators and travel agents, providing transfers for their customers. Using our knowledge of the ski market and the companies involved in it, we are also able to offer our customers great deals on their travel essentials, such as ski lessons and guiding.

What do you expect from your cooperation with Skipodium?

We here at Ski-Lifts are excited to be working with Skipodium to offer a great transfer service alongside a great instruction and guiding service. In celebration of Ski-Lifts winning the award for “Worlds Best Transfer Operator” for the third year in a row, our partnership has brought about the opportunity to add ski lessons or guiding to our competition prize of a free ski holiday for two in Morzine! 

We are looking forward to developing our partnership with Skipodium as well as expanding our year round operations and branding in the near future. It is always a pleasure to speak with the Skipodium team, we are looking into developing a close integration in the future.

Ski-Lifts, Worlds Best Transfer Operator, Skipodium, award

Ski-Lifts team being awarded as “Worlds Best Transfer Operator” for the 3rd year in a row.



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