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Learn to Ski in Tignes with Evolution 2

Why Learn to Ski in Tignes, France?

Tignes is starting to see some snowfall, and opening day is just around the corner! Now you can learn to ski in Tignes and book certified ski instructors online.

With 300km of pistes and 10,000 hectares (24710.54 acres) of off-piste terrain contained in Tignes-Val d’Isère, the ski area shared by the two resorts, there is a spot for every type of skier on the mountain.

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Tignes blanketed by heavy snow. (Ian A Gratton / Flickr)

Evolution 2 Tignes Ski and Snowboard School was founded in 1989 and has since become one of the most prominent ski and adventure schools in the French Alps.

Through small group and private instruction held by certified instructors, the ski school focuses on providing a hands-on experience for students that is progressive, educational and fun. Their ski instructors will teach you how to ski and snowboard at your pace.

Evolution 2 Tignes, Tognes, Ski Resort, Skipodium, French Alps, SKi, Snowboard

Evolution 2 Tignes offers ski and snowboard lessons for people of all ages and skill levels. (@Evolution2.OutdoorSpecialists / Facebook)

Evolution 2 operates in 14 ski resorts across France:

They also host lessons internationally at resorts in Chile, Portugal and Morocco.

According to their website, Evolution 2 Tignes is “constantly researching and developing new products and teaching methods to ensure [they] remain leaders in the skiing world.

When asked how technology is currently shaping the ski industry, Douglas Favre, director of Evolution 2 Tignes and neighboring partner Val d’Isère, said. “Like in every other field, I think technology is here to facilitate the way we work, giving us time to focus on our products and of course our clients.

That is one of the reasons why Evolution 2 decided to partner with Skipodium.

Their goals for the season are to increase efficiency while communicating with partners, while also enhancing their digital development. As a result, they hope to reach more clients across the globe, through an innovative multi-channel selling platform.We hope that Skipodium can help us provide an easy system for our clients to book our activities with a modern and intuitive interface to manage in the back office”, Favre explained.

So far, the partnership is off to a smooth start. Favre described the ease in implementation of Skipodium’s management software at Evolution 2 Tignes, attributing it to the Skipodium’s team proactive customer service.

Evolution 2 Tignes joins the expanding list of over 250 ski schools worldwide who use Skipodium, the industry’s leading booking and management platform for ski schools.

Book a ski lesson in Tignes today!

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