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Our experience at MSAA 2017 Trade Show

Francesco and Maria, our co-founder and marketing director, have attended the 2017 MSAA (aka Midwest Ski Areas Association Trade Show) on August 20th – 23rd. The show took place at Devil’s Head Resort, in Merrimac, Wisconsin.

Our set up: table #37

Table #37, MSAA, MSAA 2017, Expo, Ski expo, midwest

Maria and Francesco at Expo area Skipodium table #37 at MSAA 2017

We had a fairly simple yet effective se tup for the trade show: a spider wall  as background, 2 roll-up banners on the side, and a table where we welcomed ski areas and showcased our product live. At our table (#37) we had several meetings with resorts and industry suppliers across the 3 main ‘Expo’ sessions. And, yes, we were serving blue vodka shots!

expo, MSAA 2017, table 37, #37

Expo area – Skipodium table #37 at MSAA 2017

We also had the chance to present Skipodium in a ‘3-minute pitch’ format on the first day of the show during the product & industry innovation session. More than 50 ski areas attended that event.

Skipodium Inc. has been one of the sponsors of the MSAA Trade Show 2017.

sponsorship, skipodium, partneship, MSAA 2017, midwest ski areas

Skipodium has been one of the sponsors of MSAA Trade Show at Devil’s Head Resort, WI, USA.

Our experience

The 4 days were quite dense, but we definitely had a blast!

welcome shots, blue shots, skipodium

Maria welcoming our guests at MSAA 2017

We attended several interesting industry conferences and had many occasions to learn more about the needs of Midwest ski areas. The organizing team took care of several outdoor events (e.g. bike rides, BBQ, beer tasting) to informally meet resorts and other suppliers.

networking, beer, MSAA 2017

Francesco at MSAA 2017. Suppliers and ski areas at trade show

The overall atmosphere was welcoming and informal, and the event organization impeccable.


The Midwest Ski Areas Association Trade Show is the largest annual gathering of the MSAA membership. The trade show features conferences, meet-ups between resorts and industry suppliers and networking activities. It lasts 4 days and it represents a valuable opportunity for attendees to make vital connections with the Midwest Region.

Devil’s Head Resort

Devi's Head Resort, MSAA 2017

Conference at MSAA 2017. View on slopes

Devil’s Head hosted MSAA Trade Show 2017 on August 20th – 23rd, 1 hour away from Madison, WI. Although the ski terrain is quite limited, Devil’s Head counts a quite large Golf course and several lodging facilities. The resort is open all year long and hosts a good number of events (including 4 editions of the MSAA Trade Show).

Joe Vittengl and his super-hero team run the business with passion and dedication. Joe – a former civil engineer with a great passion for outdoor activities – took over the management of the resort when he was only 26 years-old.




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